A list of the little things in life

One of the perks of where I live is that we have this river running down the middle of the city and a ferry system to complement it. It is honestly one of my absolute favourite ways of getting around the city and I try to use it any chance I get! Last week I was at uni with a bit of time to kill, so I decided to hop on a ferry and visit my friend whom I hadn't seen in forever for lunch :)

HOW PRETTY. I don't know how to describe it - but it was such a beautiful day to be outside - it was so relaxed and chill, and I was just sitting there taking it all in. It randomly made me so, so happy - it just made my day. It got me thinking about how some of the best moments are little, random, unexpected things. 

As a lover of all things French, I thought of this straight away:
Translation: Life is full of little pleasures. 

For me,

I love randomly going and grabbing dessert with family or friends.

I love contagious laughter.

I love feeling the sun on my face. 

I love wearing one of my absolute favourite scarves that my friend got me - and feeling all cosy as a result. 

I love getting to hang out in a playground.

I love random text messages back and forth at 1am at night.

I love when I manage to paint my nails neatly.

I kind of managed to do that this week :P 
(Fun fact: I almost love the name of nail polish colours more than the actual nail polish haha. This is a new one I got recently - Revlon's 270 'Cherries in the Snow'.)

I love having really good banter with people.

I love if it starts raining as I'm about to sleep.

I love when my favourite song comes on the radio. 

I love getting into a freshly-made bed.

I love random, deep conversations that come out of nowhere.

I love blue skies and pretty clouds.

I love a good hug.

I love crossing things off of my to-do list.

I love when someone I'm thinking about or missing messages me.

I love when people randomly reference anything Beyoncé.

I love when my friends and I quote the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. without giving it a second thought.

I love when a bus driver is friendly and happy.

I love getting into my pyjamas as soon as I get home (well, preferably staying in pyjamas all day :P) 
Aren't my panda ones so cute!?!  
I love standing outside and staring at the moon and the stars.

I love seeing an elderly couple holding hands.

I love wearing a big, comfy, warm jumper.

I love quality time with people I love.

I love randomly dancing.

I love seeing people walking around with a bunch of flowers.

I love realising that I can go back to sleep when I wake up too early.

It's the little things. The 'leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy' variety are the best.
Life is filled with lots of unexpected, random, little things and I feel really grateful for that.

What are some of the little things that make you guys happy? 

Here’s to the little things in life!

(New blog post will be up next wednesday!) 

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  1. Very sweet post! I love the positivity! Thanks for reminding us to appreciate the little things!
    The little things that make me happy are Lush baths, Oreos, having scented candles in my room (especially around Christmas time) and every dog ever. 


  2. Aww thanks Rose - oh my goodness. OREOS - yes. Hahaha I looove having candles in my room, and dogs are my favourite too! The only thing I still haven't gotten into are lush baths but I think I'm definitely going to do that ASAP now - best way to celebrate the start of my holidays :)




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