When you guys are reading this I'll either be:

 A. Sleeping before my last exam for this semester
  B. Prepping for my last exam
C. Taking my last exam
D. Finished with my last exam and be going out with my friends (!!!)

There is no question about which one of these options is the most exciting haha. 

At the end of today I have four weeks of holidays! :)
I am sooo looking forward to this break, exam block really took it out of me this time!
My work sent me this message when I was giving them my exam unavailability:

Hahaha excited to be able to do this now! But let's be honest, who manages to sleep by 10pm every night!?!

I want to spend some quality time with my family and friends, organise my life a little, be productive - I want to make good use of these holidays!

For the last two university breaks I got I didn't go away anywhere; I just stayed at home and chilled, which don't get me wrong, it's one of my favourite things to do - BUT, this break is a teeny bit different and I'm super excited about it :)

I'm kinda going away on two short trips this holidays:

  1. This weekend, four of my friends and I are road tripping and going camping for a night. Hopefully I'll have some cool photos to show you in next week's blogpost!
  2. In a couple of weeks I'm going to Melbourne for a bit of an extended weekend away and
I. Am. So. Excited. :) I can't wait for that blogpost!

Those are two things which are definitely going to be fun this time around! Apart from that my holidays are a bit of a blank canvas right now. There are some random things I already know I want to do:

  • Get back into the gym

  • Work on my blog - I have some ideas you guys will hopefully be seeing soon ;)

  • Get cooking

  • Watch some new movies that came out (Jurassic World and Inside Out are on that list!)

  • Marathon old movies (Hello lots of Disney!) and TV shows with friends. Did any of you guys watch Lizzie McGuire back in the day? :P My friend and I are totally going to revisit the 90s! :)

  • Trial netflix! Which means I will most probably drown a way a lot of my time...(If anyone's getting netflix or has netflix, check out Rose's blogpost on her recommendations of what to watch!)

  • Spend lots of time with my mumma - it's her birthday in July so I definitely want to plan a nice day for her :)

  • Explore the internet world, find some new blogs to read and read ones I already follow (I love checking out Cathy Nguyen's cool blog!)

  • Chill with friends. A lot. We all missed each other SO MUCH once exam study started. Time to make up for that!

  • Do some volunteering

  • Go for a hike

  • Get into dance

  • Go for drives

  • Organise some birthday presents

  • Clean. My. Room. (And sort. And organise. Everything). It always ends up trashed after a semester, so it's time to fix that!

  • Speaking of organising, I need to organise my computer files and folders - my desktop has gotten out of control!

  • I also want to organise all my photos into albums and folders ☺️

I was literally just listing a bunch of things I wanted to do off the top of my head - I didn't realise I had already accumulated so many things I wanted to do in these next few weeks!

But, what do you guys like to do during your holidays!?! Give me your suggestions! Like I said, I am going to make these holidays productive :)

P.S. When I say 'productive' that definitely includes lots of sleeping in :P Can't believe I forgot to add that to my list!

New blog post will be up next wednesday!
This next one is very important to me and I would love for you guys to check it out next week.

Until then, you can follow me on - 
They're all linked so you should just be able to click on them! :)

Have a great rest of the week!



  1. Amazing post! I just copy pasted your list into my to do list :D I need to do all of these things this summer!
    I love your use of hilarious/cute gifs! I really enjoy reading your Posts a lot! And thank you so much for the shoutout :)
    I hope all of your exams go well and make sure to post pictures of your trips! Can't wait to see them! :)

  2. Aww this just made my day! Thanks Rose and no problem! I'm so glad our blogs found each other! :)

    1. me too! Seriously. I love your blog so much and you're such a sweet heart!

  3. Awww thank you so much for the shout out! I’ve been so stressed with finals for the past few weeks! So glad we can finally start our summer plans even though I have summer classes -__- and i’m excited to see your summer trips!!

    I really need to get back on writing!!

    1. You have summer classes!?! Aww - but on the bright side you'll stay productive and get even more done! You had a trip to the beach with you friends, right? So cute - hope you had a great time! I had really been missing your writing!!! No pressure, cause you're obviously so busy - but can't wait for your next post already! :)




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