When your ex downgrades…

So, I saw this photo the other day

And it inspired me to write this:

"When your ex downgrades". This is a phrase that has been floating around the internet a lot as of late, and it's usually in reference to an individual's physical appearance. There are an endless supply of memes regarding this idea, and sure, they may be funny to see for a split second - I will be the first to say when I saw this photo below, my reaction was "HAHAHAHA".

I think it's hilarious as a joke (I just love how sassy it is).

But if you actually, seriously analyse comments like these: 


…it's wrong on so many levels.

I can sum up my views on phrases like that by saying one simple sentence:
  Attractiveness, beauty, being good-looking or 'hot', has absolutely NO relation to creating or being in a good relationship. 
Simple as that. No relation whatsoever.

By no means am I discounting that physical attraction plays a significant role in relationships (but that's for another blogpost…), however, what is anyone's right to judge what is attractive to another individual? Let alone what is mentally and emotionally fulfilling for them.

Generally, most of us hate being judged, right? Yet, it's something we all do quite a bit.  But, can you imagine if you were someone's new boyfriend or girlfriend, how would it feel being referred to as the "downgrade"? I mean, I would hope you would know your own self-worth enough to not let it affect you, but it isn't the loveliest thought hey?

One thing I've always found interesting, is when someone says "Oh did you hear Tim got a new girlfriend?", one of the very first, if not the first, question asked is, "Is she pretty?".  Why is that one of the first things we think about? That's a very good question, and incredibly telling of the priorities our society has conditioned us with.

Maybe someone may not find their ex's new partner attractive, but what difference does that make? Leave the ex out of it altogether though! The amount of times it's generally said, "Oh she's beautiful, but her boyfriend isn't that good-looking". 
Two words. 
Physical attractiveness has no bearing on the quality of a relationship in the slightest. That could be the most solid, supportive relationship right there and the only thing people are focusing on is the outside appearance. 


Maybe I'm not one to talk since I've never been put in the situation, but personally, the first two messages in that photo say it all - we are all individuals with different opinions. 
Stay true to your opinions and respect others' opinions.

(New blog post will be up next wednesday!) 

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To blog or not to blog? (Cliché, I know)

So, why am I blogging?

Well, I am a second year university student doing a dual degree in Business Management and Arts. Although I do spend a lot of my time sitting on the grass and admiring the scenery...

And have a group of entertaining friends that get upto random stuff like this...

(Yes, that is a duck that waddled up from the lakes and joined our group while we were eating lunch...you know, your typical tuesday...)

I actually study, I promise! Haha. Within my arts component, I am completing a single major in Journalism, as well as a single major in Psychology. I just couldn't choose! As a journalism student though, I really wanted to get my hands into developing my own content and getting involved in the practice of what I'm learning.

Secondly, I feel like I'm approaching a place in my life right now that's going to be very significant. I turned 18 and I just know a lot is going to happen this year - and hopefully I'm going to learn a lot from it all. That being said, at this moment in time I feel like everything is the same for me as it was last year. The same study, same friends, same work, same routine essentially. While I'm feeling this way, I can see that the majority of my friends are becoming new people, they have new people in their lives, they are studying new things - they are experiencing change.

I'm excited to experiment with this blog, it's something that is going to be new for me and something I have control over - this is going to be my little step towards change at this moment in time.

Thirdly, I respect and admire the effort, creativity and thought behind blogging - and the sharing of content blogging enables. To be able to read someone's thoughts, on any topic, at the click of a button, it's something I feel incredibly fortunate about.

Anyways, that's WHY I want to blog, what am I going to blog about? Good question. I still have no idea what this blog is going to be, I have a feeling that it'll be sparked and stimulated by things I've seen, random topics I feel passionate about, conversations I've had and what's been going on in my life.

The more and more I do it, and become more sure of it, it'll start to form its own natural, organic, authentic, original shape - and I hope it's fun for you to read! :)

Until then, I’ll leave you with this random fact - 

About this blogpost title: I have great admiration for William Shakespeare. Unfortunately, I still haven't researched his life to the point where I know a lot about him as a person. However, what he produced - it was so insightful, so creative, so true to life. That's where my admiration for Shakespeare stems from.

(New blog post will be up next wednesday!) 

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Hi there!

So this is my first blog post I guess? Thanks for stopping by! I am currently studying journalism, amongst other majors, and thought this would be something fun to play around with (more on this tomorrow) ☺️. It also helps that I adore talking about and discussing things, and love talking to and connecting with people - so this should be fun!

I always joke (but not actually joke, because it’s the legitimate truth haha) that these two photos are so accurate when it comes to me.

I can sometimes be very, very wordy. I don’t know if it is because I’m excited or enthusiastic; because I try really hard to explain things in-depth to people; or because I have a lot to say; and I don’t know whether me typing up paragraphs and essays is good or bad. 

See? I essentially took “I’m wordy” and did all of that with it ^ haha. All I can say is thank you to my friends and family for constantly dealing with this aspect of me - and now, good luck to you all, for endeavouring to do the same :P

Over the past year or so I stumbled across a few blogs and began reading them routinely. I know this blog is new and I'm still unsure of what I want it to be, but I do know what I want to say about certain things so I feel like that's a good place to start.

Here's a thought: Sometimes I think we think way too highly of other people and in turn, inadvertently kind of end up putting ourselves down. I say this because I would read other peoples' writing styles, advice or blogs and:

1. Automatically want to speak in their style or have thought of their words.
2. Feel as if, if I were to make a blog, mine wouldn’t be good enough and could never compare to theirs.

But I'm really trying to remind myself that it’s not about comparing - I am different. I am not supposed to be them. Hopefully by being myself, saying what I think and feel and writing the way I do, someone will like this blog as much as I like other peoples' blogs. I will change, improve, others' styles might influence mine, but I want to try and be as authentic as possible.

One time in high school I was writing a speech and I found myself googling ways to be funny or smart, and then I realised that’s not the way to do it. So, I literally decided to write that in my speech:

I’m going to try and use that mentality right now. If I’m being truthful, I did the exact same thing with starting this whole blogging business - I went and found the very first posts of blogs I read. BUT I am proud to say that this, my very first blog post, it's all 100% me. You may have liked it, or strongly disliked it, but it's me.

I'm not entirely sure what this blog is going to turn into at the moment, but I'm excited to see and hope you guys enjoy!

This is me (fancy, dressed up version - sorry, this photo just really makes me feel very gossip girl-esque haha), nice to meet you! ☺️
(P.S. Thanks for reading this! New blog post will be up tomorrow!) 

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