Life Advice?

My friend sent me this message the other day:

 #goodadvice for life? Seems pretty smart!

The advice above, it focuses on doing things you love, doing things that make you happy. Anyone who knows me will know I am very, very big on being positive, finding the good, being happy - all that jazz ;) Seriously though, the more positivity in your mindset, the more positivity in your life.

So with that being said, do you have three hobbies you love?

For me,

One to make me money:
I currently work in a retail fashion store, although it's not my ultimate, dream job - I really do enjoy it! I love interacting with people, helping them buy things for events in their lives, dressing them up to make themselves feel good - just talking to them :)

I also tutor a Grade 5 student in Maths and personally, I love this hobby! My student has dyslexia, hence why she needed the little extra help in maths, and seeing her growth in concentration and confidence while I've been with her has been incredibly rewarding!

One to keep me in shape:
Sooo, not gonna lie, I probably have to step up this hobby! Haha. The thing is, when it's holidays I'm really good at being active, I joined a gym at the end of last year with my mum and I actually really enjoyed it. We did a lot of fitness classes, got used to all the equipment…but when university and all my other commitments start back up, this tends to be the first hobby to go haha…whoops.

BUT, one more week of exam block and mark my words - I will be back into exercising! Hahaha (now that I've posted this here I have to keep to it!).

Andddd this will be me :P

Another hobby in this area that I absolutely adore is dance, to me, it's a really fun workout. I have done dance since I was three years old (my first performance being Wiggles themed).

I have tonnes of proper dance photos, majority of which are incredibly embarrassing and cringeworthy, so this one is the best option for now haha. I've done most styles of dance at one point or another - from jazz, to hip hop, to ballet, even bollywood. Although I still do classes and performances from time to time, I really want to get back into it properly now :)

One to be creative:

As much as I would l LOVE to be able to say that I can draw or paint, I didn't really inherit that family gene…

How talented is my brother!
How talented is my mother!

But, I do love being creative in other ways!
Creating dance choreography is probably one of my absolute favourites. If I'm in the car with someone listening to a song and I'm completely silent, it's cause 99.99% I'm putting together a full-blown routine in my head haha. What? Not normal?

I am not a fashion designer, or stylist, or anything like that - but I do love fashion! I love putting together outfits, creating a whole look based around one accessory or a piece of jewellery that I saw - it's just fun to visualise it and play around with it all. Definitely one of the main reasons behind why I love Pinterest so much! You can follow me on it here:  :)

Amen, Blair Waldorf.

(Disclaimer: By no means am I really trendy, always super dressed up, or putting together cute or sophisticated outfits all the time - PJs and hoodies are my best friends. I just really appreciate fashion as an art form.)

Here's a random photo I sent my friend one day when I was trying to decide what to wear. Do you guys ever do this to check that your outfit is appropriate? Haha.

Last but not least - blogging. This is definitely one of my newer hobbies but I've always loved the creative aspect of writing. With blogging I get to write, create content, piece together words and pictures, edit, personalise - it's really exciting for me! So thank you so much for reading the random things I justify writing about ☺️

This is definitely going to be me when my holidays start! :)

Speaking of my blog...I just realised yesterday that the way in which my blog was set up, for you guys to comment you had to have or create a google+ account - I know that not's ideal for everyone, so I changed it! You guys can now also comment with a first name or anonymously :)

So, what are the hobbies that you guys love? Leave a comment below, I would love to see other people's answers :)

(New blog post will be up next wednesday!) 

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  1. This is very good advice! We should all love what we do :)

    Aeriko @

  2. Yeah I thought it was so simple but quite smart - I totally agree about doing what we love! Thanks so much for reading Aeriko :)

  3. I love this post!
    I don't have a job yet but I'm going to work at Lush this fall so that will be the hobby that pays ( I love Lush), I used to run to keep in shape but I've switched to Yoga after an foot injury and my creative hobby is probably makeup. :)

    Btw: I love the outfit you sent your friend! And I do the same whenever I go out: Send my friends pictures of all the outfit options :D

  4. That's so exciting about Lush Rose!!! Congratulations! I'm totally going to ask you for advice on the best bath bombs :) I do yoga as well, I really enjoy it - it's nice and calming! I'm getting quite into makeup recently, excited that I get to keep updated with new beauty things through your blog <3

    Hahaha aww thanks so much! Gotta get ticks of approval on outfits, hey? :D

    1. haha please do! I already know the entire Lush range of products :D
      Yes Yoga helps me so much with getting a few calm moments (I tend to be very anxious all the time) :)
      Aw I love hearing that! There will be more beauty posts to come I just got a MAC gift card for my bday :)

      YES! And if my friends don't respond fast enough my Mom will have to give her opinion :D

  5. What!? You and your family are such creative people! I feel the same way about my job! Clearly, it’s no dream job but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy what we do and bring in the meantime. And I think you should do posts on your style and makeup! Your outfit rocks btw.

    1. Hahaha yeah pretty jealous of my mum and brother's artistic skills! I feel the exact same way! I mean all jobs can get a bit tedious or annoying at times, but I do feel blessed to work at a pretty great place generally :) Awww thank you so much! Haha not gonna lie, a teensy bit insecure about fashion blogging but I do love reading other people's fashion blogposts - maybe I'll work up the courage to do one soon! Thanks so much for the kind words ❤️

  6. I loved this post so much that I had to write my own post on my blog with my answers to the hobbies that I love! Some of ours were pretty similar - we both tutor, and I definitely need to up the hobby that keeps me in shape too! Great post <3

    1. Awww yay! That's so exciting!!! Can't wait to read it! :D That's so cool, lots in common! :) Thank you ❤️




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