The Good News: July, 2016

I am back!
I feel like for the next month I'll be throwing out my usual scheduled post days and just trying to pop up weekly posts whenever I can - please bear with me D: haha.


We have all been bombarded with some less than ideal news this month, and my heart goes out to all those affected. For some reason, this past month's news really hit me hard. So, it is most definitely time to get really happy again and read some Good News from this past month!
I have gathered LOTS of stories this month because the world needs to hear and recognise all the good things happening and the good people that exist!

The lowdown:

I have always been all for being positive and optimistic
(read about my take on The Importance of Positivity ☺️).
A long time back, I had the idea of doing a blogpost series called 'The Good News'.

The news and current affairs of our world is so important, it is crucial we keep updated on what is happening around us.

A lot of that tends to focus on what is going wrong.

And, although it is necessary to think about what is wrong in order to right it,
I think we could stand to gain a lot from appreciating what is already right, or getting good, as well!

So, without further ado,


July, 2016

A union, an understanding: Dallas protesters hug it out


Recently, on the same day a Black Lives Matter rally was being held, some white counter protestors were walking the same streets. Meeting in the middle of the street, representatives from the respective groups began a conversation. Shortly after, the black lives matter rally crossed the road and joined forces with their fellow community members. 

"How're y'all doin?" to crack open any boundaries.
"This is how you kick down a wall!" speaking volumes about the poignant moment taking place.
And a final huddle & prayer in union - and they all went home having fostered a new understanding.

Click here to watch the full video!


One day of gardening, 50 million trees planted

Reforesting their nation, India is pushing forward and venturing into the forest. More than 80,000 men and women from all over the state of Uttar Pradesh came together and set out to plan 50 million trees in one single day - with the goal of improving their environment, the fact that they would break a 2013 world record was a happy perk! 


New hero Umbrella Man!

Source: Deepak Saini

In Louisiana, outside a Target Store, a man made it his mission to escort fellow customers through the downpour with his umbrella. "I noticed this kind gentleman with a big smile on his face, drenched from head to toe, escorting women, mothers and kids to their cars, and helping them unload their groceries. Every time he returned, he said, ‘Who’s next?’ with a big smile on his face", Deepak Saini told TODAY.

James Varnado was the man under the umbrella and he has come out and said how important it is to help, if somebody needs help, you should give it! Especially now, and always, is the perfect time to focus on kindness!


Celebrity chefs, Olympic leftovers and the hungry being fed


The Rio Olympic kitchens serve up to 60,000 meals for the athletes and this year, celebrity chefs will be cooking up a storm after using all the leftovers to feed Rio's poor. Chefs Massimo Bottura and David Hertz will collect an estimated 12 tonnes of food and once being transformed into tasty meals, they will be transported to an already prepared feeding station. 


Flight attendant helps little girl with panic attack

This is beautiful, just beautiful.


Fireman rescue a birthday!

Ahhh, people do such beautiful things! 


On the 'random acts of kindness' route to being the happiest city


Bristol, UK has began their ‘Brilliant Bristol’ project and they are on a mission to make Bristol the UK’s happiest city. In the effort to set the world record for the most random acts of kindness in a single day, we got this GORGEOUS video. Some of the comments mention how “These are the life skills we should be teaching our children” (Chris Gould) and "More schools should do this. It makes the children feel good as well as others” (Shazia Sheikh). Watch the video to see fifth-graders hide inspiring little notes in library books and hand out flowers.


The bird's got moves!

Sure, “Some Nights” by FUN can be called a dance anthem…but I don’t think anyone imagined this scene, haha. Canadian Kurter Barnett rescued the cockatoo six years ago, after he found that it had been abused by its owners and it lost all of its feathers due to the stress. But that does not stop “Gucci” from dancing to his own beat! 


Animal Shelter joins the Pokemon Go craze
Source: Muncie Animal Shelter

Oh, Pokemon Go. It has truly taken over the world. One animal shelter decided to embrace the fact and use it to do good!

Indiana Muncie Animal Shelter came up with the idea of getting Pokemon Go players to become dog walkers, thanks to their Director Phil Peckinpaugh. The call for players/dogwalkers resulted in a group of dozens of volunteers ready to help the shelter's "poke-dogs", giving them the fresh air and exercise that they desperately needed.
Solution: Houses made out of Wasted Plastic? 


Pollution, no more! A group of Colombians have taken plastic waste and the lego building design, and have come up with a solution that could help all the people living without houses.
Conceptos Plasticos wants to reverse the damage caused by plastic on the planet and they have managed to make that reverse process also benefit those in need! A win-win, for sure! 

Architect Oscar Mendez championed the idea for his graduation thesis and designed a modular brick made from plastic. The system is said to work like lego and can suit all terrain and climate types. The model home created by Conceptos Plasticos has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen - and can be built in 5 days by novices. People are so smart, it's a bit crazy sometimes!


Where's Waldo arrives at a Hospital thanks to Construction Worker

Labourer, Jason Haney, has brought the game to life while working on a hospital expansion project - bring great amounts of entertainment to all the patients in the children's hospital! He credits an Indiana hospital which built a snowman in the yard during winter for the idea, and got everything ready for his plan. He built an eight foot tall, plywood Wally and all his fellow workers got on board - hiding Wally in different places on the construction site and moving him after he's been spotted by a child.


Just a happy giraffe!

And just some cuteness to round up this month - smiles all around! 



And that was some of The Good News for July! ☺️

What were you surprised to hear about? Do you have a favourite?
Do you like listening to some Good News? ☺️

New post will be up next Wednesday!

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