The Good News: June, 2016

Finally, back into blogging! :D
I am sooo looking forward to catching up on a mountain of blogposts over the next few days,
and then working on some of my own!
And, no better way to get back into the blog than with some Good News!

The lowdown:

I have always been all for being positive and optimistic
(read about my take on The Importance of Positivity ☺️).
A long time back, I had the idea of doing a blogpost series called 'The Good News'.

The news and current affairs of our world is so important, it is crucial we keep updated on what is happening around us.

A lot of that tends to focus on what is going wrong.

And, although it is necessary to think about what is wrong in order to right it,
I think we could stand to gain a lot from appreciating what is already right, or getting good, as well!

So, without further ado,


June, 2016


Help with breakfast and breastfeeding

I saw this 1st day of June and knew STRAIGHT AWAY that I wanted to put this in here. I don't have anything to add, acts of kindness are the best. 

18 year old student draws a portrait for each member of the graduating class.

Phillip Sossou, a graduating Boston Latin High School senior, secretly drew every single person in his senior class over the past few months. 411 portraits, all created by Phillip. Phillip admitted that he used Facebook and the odd phone snapshot to serve as inspiration for the portraits. After posting them all over the school's hallways on the last day of class, to say his classmates were shocked would be an understatement. Soussou spoke to the Boston Globe about how "[their] class [had] been kind of divided" and "having these pictures helps us to embrace our diversity."

Cop and a 4 year old on a birthday lunch date


She got to be with, and be a, cop for a day - and that's all she wanted.
(These photos you guys, these photos!)


A journey of a balloon, leading to friendship 

Nursing home residents in Wisconsin decided to release a balloon, along with notes they wrote for a soon-to-be fortunate recipient. A little while later, and about 237 miles away, the package arrived at the home of the Fowler family in Lake Michigan - and they were incredibly eager to send a reply to the residents. The balloon release initiative was part of National Nursing home week and "show[ed] that a nursing home can have fun and still live too just as anybody else", said Activity Director, Nancy Duerr. The Fowlers sent back a care package filled with Michigan treats and a message, and so began the bond of some unlikely pen pals.


Two months spent writing 130 personal notes to students, all in the name of suicide awareness

Teacher Brittni Darras, 25, was changed when she found out one of her students attempted suicide. After writing a letter to that girl (read the post above) she composed 130 letters - to each of her students.

Not generic, stock standard letters, but personal letters about their great qualities and things they have achieved - why they are a valuable individual.

This act prompted endless hugs and smiles on the last day of school before vacation.
Darras told TODAY"(The girl's suicide attempt) made me realize she felt like she was not important and didn't make a difference in this world… For these other kids, it's very hard for us to know who is struggling with thoughts of depression or suicide. If she had that response and I couldn't see her as having struggles, the only thing I could think to do was to write every single one of them a unique card."

Student Rachael Redmond received a note mentioning her achievements in the basketball team and a great memoir she had written. 

Redmond told TODAY"I think that's why it meant so much to all of us…It wasn't just a, 'Hey, have a good summer,' it was a specific memory or something that we said. It made us feel really important. Some kids got cards about stuff that happened they thought nobody remembered, and it made them really happy. Kids think (suicide) is something that happens only in movies or online, but when it happened locally everyone took a step back because it hit home…Sometimes you go through high school and you feel like your teachers don't really care, but she went out of her way to let us know she does."
A church built by Muslim farmers by their Christian neighbours


Unlike other Pakistani villages, there is no segregation in this region, Christians live side by side with their Muslim neighbours. In a place where religious minorities are often attacked, by building this church they are showing they are united as a community. 

"This church being built in a small village by the Muslims, it is very significant. It shows that people have love in their hearts, they want to stay together, if they are those that fuel the fire, there are also those to douse the flames."

A fun weekly garbage pick up

Guys, these three triplets wait for the garbagemen every single week, and not only that - they are ready with snacks and gatorade to give to them! The workers always stop to say hi, have a chat and give a hug to these kiddos. Their mum has posted about this special relationship for a while now, saying it's her way of sharing love and kindness in the world ❤️


And that was some of The Good News for June! ☺️

What were you surprised to hear about? Do you have a favourite?
Do you like listening to some Good News? ☺️

New post will be up next Wednesday!

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See you in two weeks!

I am in full exam mode.
As much as I am wanting to take a few hours out of my current schedule to blog, I know I shouldn't.
(Woooo for priorities and being responsible :P)
So, right now as you're reading this,
I'll be doing this...

Financial Management is not my favourite subject, let's just leave it at that :P
Anyways, next time you hear from me,

I have so many exciting posts planned already!
I am just so beyond keen for some actual free time to dedicate to this little blog of mine.

But, until then,
Gotta power through a little more of this ^

Hope you guys have a lovely rest of this week, and a great next week,
and I'll see you guys the following week 😉 

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Six months in.

Lovely Ana, from over at Namaste From Ananya, posted this on Instagram the other day.
As I was scrolling through my feed, I came across this, read the caption,
and stopped.

We are 6 months in, with 6 left to go.

As I was writing this post, I read Ana's and she had said two very important things.

Being 6 months in,

 "It’s an opportunity:
 -to see how far you’ve come
-how far you’ve set yourself up for the year ahead"

"It’s also an opportunity:
for panic to set in as we realise those goals that we set for the New Year
have gathered some or a lot of dust."

I came into this year incredibly sure of what I wanted of myself, and very motivated - ready to push myself to do what I needed to do, for what I wanted.

I am proud to say, so far, I've done relatively well and am semi- on track!
I am also happy to say I have a relatively good idea of what I need to do in the coming 6 months.

BUT, I can 100% say there are things I was supposed to have done by now that I haven't. 
Maybe it's just the eternal optimist in me - but, I don't want to focus on this negative.

I want to use the positive things I've managed to achieve as a proof of my ability,
something which I can use to fuel me in reaching my next goals.

I have been a little out of the blogging world lately, and I can thank some of my other goals for that. 
I have been working hard on other things, but slowly and surely I'm starting to catch up with some of you all.

I am now heading into exams (and one final 50% assignment! Pretending like that isn't worrying :P).
I am so ready for holidays, I am ready to have finished one semester - and to reflect.
I am ready for time to sit down and set up for the remainder of this year.
I am ready to focus on some different projects this holidays.
I am ready to get to invest some more time into blogging.
I am ready to give some more time to myself.
I am ready to refocus.
I am ready.

(I'm a total Type A person, so I'm not even going to pretend that I wasn't thoroughly excited about the fact that those sentences above - they turned into the perfect inverted pyramid :P
Yes, I'm a total geek. Ok. Back to being serious.)

I am ready.

And, as Ana put it, 
"There's a level of excitement coupled with enthusiasm and focus."

What are you ready for as we are now 6 months in, and 6 months out from the end of this year?
And, how were your first 6 months in! ☺️

New post will be up next Wednesday!

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