Our "Camping" Trip

About two weeks ago in my Holidays blogpost I mentioned how my friends and I were road tripping and going camping for a night.

So...that didn't really happen…haha. This post is pretty much going to be a photo diary of what ended up being our long weekend away.

Basically we got up early, and packed the car (to the brim :P).

 Complete with wood for our campfire.

 And set off!

We reached the mountains around lunchtime and went straight to the village area.

We had some lunch, and trialled LOTS some chocolates.

This sign was at the chocolate shop:

Just saying, I feel like I should be best friends with whoever made that sign.

It was a lovely little town, with lots of little boutiques and artisan shops that we explored.

Soon enough though, it started raining. A fair bit - and the rain had set in.

We knew setting up a tent and sleeping overnight in the rain would not be ideal, so we contemplated driving back home and just having a sleepover at someone's house.


my friend's family has this beach holiday home  - so, we spontaneously decided that we would drive 3 hours in the opposite direction and stay there instead! Hahaha as you do! :P

It was spontaneous, a bit crazy, but lots and lots of fun! So back onto the road we went…

When we reached it was completely dark and still very drizzly, but our very fancy "tent" had us covered! Hahaha we were so glad that we were in a warm, comfy, sheltered house with beds - and because the house was empty we were able to stay two nights instead of the one night we had planned for!

We were super hungry by the time we got there, so we grabbed our umbrellas and raincoats and walked to a Thai restaurant nearby to get some dinner. 

We took away our food, came back to the house, changed into comfy clothes, and set up the dining table. As we sat there, listening to the rain pouring down outside, sharing lots of yummy, warm Thai food, and talking to each other about anything and everything - I felt so happy and grateful. 

It didn't matter that our original plans had fallen through, this was the whole reason we wanted to get away for a bit - just to spend some quality time with each other and create some memories ☺️

After dinner, we just chilled, played some card games, and my friend decided to fishtail plait my hair!


I totally didn't realise my hair was this long till now!

The next morning.

H O L I D A Y S ☀️ Wasn't mad about waking up to this view. Definitely better than waking up in a soggy campsite haha.

We cooked up a nice breakfast (pancakes included, we were pretty pleased with that), and then us girls decided to play around with some more hairstyles haha (our guy friend was so enthusiastic about this part of the trip). I attempted a 'Frozen' Elsa Coronation type of hairstyle - my friend didn't take a photo of the finished product, but this should give you a good enough idea!

And not too long after…the view changed to this (Can you see the clouds slowly starting to swirl around?)

So we decided we better go to the beach before it started pouring again!

On the walk down to the beach, it went from being sunny…to not very sunny haha. No joke.

When we got to the beach, one side of the beach looked like this

And the other side looked like this

And bang smack in the middle, we saw this ☺️

Crazy weather, hey!?! Gave me some good photo opportunities though!

The weather constantly gave us different scenery ☺️

This was one photo I put up on instagram from that day.

And then I took this photo, thinking it looked absolutely beautiful...

...and approximately 5 seconds after - it started POURING. Absolutely pelted down rain. We inevitably got drenched, and as we started running back down the beach to the house, the rain stopped after a few minutes. I really mean it when I say the weather was insane! 

Back at the house, in our dry, warm pyjamas, we sat on the deck and took in the view of the coming storm.

That night, we found the marshmallows we had brought for our campfire, so my friends decided to improvise.

We finished off that day by watching a movie, some TV and just chatting late into the night. With hot chocolate, of course!

The packet called these "MEGA marshmallows", and they were the size of our fists!

The next morning we cleaned and packed up to head back home.

Still rainy.

On the way back, we stopped at our friend's grandparents' house and had tea with them. They had this train track that went all around the outside of their house, two big greenhouses in their backyard which they maintained themselves (and grew beautiful orchids in), and a whole room dedicated to sewing and woodwork! They were such a lovely, and TALENTED, couple - so incredibly sweet.

After another hour and a bit of driving in the rain (we wisely decided to fill that time with some Disney songs), we were finally home!

Which brings me to the end of our "camping" trip - or our rainy but cosy beach trip - which was awesome!

Hope you guys enjoyed the assortment of random photos!

I also just wanted to take a second to say a quick thank you for the great response on the Importance of Positivity blogpost I posted recently, it means a lot. I hope it brought a little more positive energy into your life when you read it ☺️

New blog post will be up next wednesday!
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Have a great rest of the weekend!



  1. Loving this post! It's always the trips that end up nothing like you planned that make the best stories! And I loved all the pictures and I wish I was as talented with hair styles (I can't do a fishtail braid to save my life)
    Oh and how adorable was how you guys roasted marshmallows! (I always use a burner that you use for creme brulee for 10$ to "roast" my marshmallows)
    Glad to see that you had fun!


    1. Thanks Rose! Oh my gosh - me too! I tried to get my friend to teach me and I failed big time haha so she just fishtailed it for me! :P Haha that's such a smart idea, I think I might get my creme brûlée torch out tonight just for that reason! :P

  2. Such pretty hair styles!! I'm useless with hair! I'd much prefer a nice warm, proper bed to a night in a tent when it's raining too! Sounds like you had such a fun time (and I absolutely love that chocolate sign as well). xxx

    1. Haha thank you Miranda! YES - chocolate lovers unite :)

  3. Hey Raa! ABsolutely love your posts <3 your camping trip sounds like it was uh-mazing, also #hairfordays
    Love you x

    1. You are honestly so, so sweet. Thank you Fifi! Love you a lot <3

  4. Seems like a fun weekend! The pictures are great, especially the rainbow <3

    Wow, you indeed have very long hair! I've been trying to learn how to make fishtail plait and I believe I can do it now :D

    1. Thank you! I absolutely loved seeing the rainbow, we ended up seeing so much of it! Oooh so exciting - I really need to get onto doing that as well! Hehe.

  5. Ahh the hair looks gorgeous! I love the bun and it looks like so much fun!

    1. Hehe aww thanks Cathy! I remember seeing your photos of your camping trip with friends around the same time! Made me smile ☺️




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