The Weapon of Choice Project: Scarring Photographs

Hi guys! 
So, I'm posting this quite late into Wednesday (it's almost Thursday on my side of the world), because I was having some technical difficulties for the post originally intended for today!

However, that post will go up next week and it gives me the opportunity to share something quite thought-provoking with you guys for today's post ☺️

"The Weapon of Choice Project was conceived to provide a graphic demonstration of the invisible pain caused by verbal abuse, It is meant to provoke a conversation about the problems of domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying." It was created in 2014, but I only recently discovered it.

It's a take on what would happen if verbal abuse left scars, just as physical abuse does. Would the physical manifestation cause it to be taken more seriously? Photographer Richard Johnson captured that in his photo project.

Bruises and Scars. Violent Marks. Embedded with hateful words.

The main takeaway for me from this project is: 
What if verbal abuse left the same scars as physical abuse.

It's an inspired creative vision and a meaningful message. 

And - it's things like this that again make me wonder, why do we waste time on and put energy into negativity, when we could be doing the exact opposite (have you had a chance to read this post?).

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  1. Once again: A Great post and a great message!
    I love campaigns like these! They make you think and "wake you up" with strong images.
    And also it's so relevant to our time and everyday lives where cyber-bullying is becoming more and more of a problem because everybody with a computer or cell phone can leave anonymous hate on all kinds of social media.
    And people are so quick to say hateful things when they can hide behind a keyboard because they don't have to witness the reaction of the bullied.
    And projects like these are really helping I think. Because most bullies/verbal abusers don't even fully realize what they are doing to a person.

    1. You are so, so right Rose. Images like these really hit you, and like you said, they are so incredibly relevant in our generation where it is so easy to throw these words around!

      Glad you liked the photo project! I thought it was quite poignant.

  2. Oh I love this post! There definitely needs to be more awareness for verbal abuse. Most people don’t take abuse seriously unless it’s physical but verbal abuse is a major cause for depression, suicide, and self-hate. Words are so powerful and we never know how much we’ll hurt the person from words we find to be teasing. “Fat” “Stupid” and such words with repetition will only lower self-esteem and their potential for they’ll conform to the words that they are called.

    In elementary school, there was this kid who was the prankster in class. He was well liked but we called him dumb but extremely funny. Teachers were annoyed of him and every year, he would do the same thing. He never completed homework but was always the most entertaining boy in class. I had to do a math project with him once and he told me he didn’t want a good grade. Of course I was confused (and annoyed) so he told me that he’s only good at being funny. So I learned then that calling someone a name could make someone believe they are only that and nothing else. Even when we did get a good grade, he denied to his friends that he helped.

    1. I am so glad I chose to showcase this project, because otherwise I would never have gotten to read this comment. I just love talking to people about meaningful, important messages like this.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story with me; the thing is majority of the time verbal words have the biggest effect, but it's only physical abuse that really draws attention. Isn't it also interesting that we all have such an effect on each other without even realising sometimes? I think especially in high school - it is so easy for everyone to be typecast into certain roles, and it's really eye-opening when you hear the individuals speak out in regards to their so-called image. I can literally imagine that boy, because we had similar ones in our high school as well - hopefully he is more confident in being whatever he wants to be now! Do you feel like it's easier for people after high school?

  3. Hey Raa, this post reminded me of a quote from kid president on youtube that's something like "If it doesn't make the world a better place, don't do it." You're totally right, if its negativity, no need to invest in it. ��

    1. Oh my gosh fi, I am SO glad you showed me this quote, I have already written it down and put it on my desk! Thank you for that ❤️❤️❤️




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