Photographs capturing Proposals

About two weeks ago there was this news story, I'm not sure if you guys have seen it?

Basically a tourist from California was searching for a couple who got engaged in Paris at the Eiffel Tower - because she caught some photos of them! She had posted the photos of the Parisian Proposal to Facebook, hoping that she could find the couple and send them the photos.

How gorgeous are these! This is one of the reasons why photographs are so special, because they capture these kind of genuine moments and emotions. It kind of makes me want to randomly take photos of other people and then give it to them (in a non-stalkerish way hahaha)!

I've always said to my friends one of my bucket-list items is to see a proposal in real life, and very shortly after that my best friend sent me this:

Hahaha - but seriously, after seeing those Parisian Proposal photos I get why, it's such a beautiful moment. Proposal photos are absolutely gorgeous.

The vulnerability, slight nervousness and sensitivity from one side. The sheer surprise, shock, joy and overwhelming excitement on the other side.
The love from both sides.


The photo above is from go pro's official instagram page, the caption read: 
"Photo of the Day! She said YES!@Peter.holly climbed to the top of Lomnický Peak in Slovakia to pop the question."

Random sidenote: 

I don't know if you guys have ever done this - but sometimes I go through my photos and see bystanders and tourists in the background, and I wonder what their story is? Why were they there that day? Did they have a good day? I also wonder how many photographs am I a bystander in across the world? It's so weird to think about!

Anyways! I'm bound to take some more photos that I'm going to do that ^ with this week :) 
I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow!!! I plan on making the next few days some of the best days! So I'm signing out for now, and as always....

New blog post will be up next wednesday!
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Have a great rest of the week!



  1. Aaaww! These are so touching photos! On top of the Eiffel Tower? Sooo romantic too!

    I totally understand what you mean about the bystanders in photos. Actually I live in a very touristic place in Greece (Corfu Island) and it's a common joke among my friends to wonder in how many photos we accidentally got in :)

    1. How gorgeous right! Haha I absolutely love that you guys have thought of that too! It's just so fascinating to me that I could be in so many people's different photo albums! Sometimes I look at random people in the photos I have and wonder where they are now!

      P.S. SO COOL that you live there, I remember just being in awe of some of your instagram photos :)

  2. Aw this post melts my heart with all the pictures.
    I actually witnessed a proposal when I was in Rome on a class trip with my Latin class. A guy proposed to his girlfriend on the spanish steps and I even had my DSLR camera with me but I had run out of battery and I was so mad I couldn't get a snapshot for them (My friend kept looking at the pictures I took even though I told her not to so my battery ran out halfway through the day) but it was adorable

    1. Oh my goodness!!! That is SO cute, I'm so jealous! Haha one day I will witness one! Awww I can imagine your disappointment :/ But even though you didn't get to capture it with photos you still got to see it and remember it! And there's always plenty more opportunities hopefully! Hehe :)




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