What I got for my Birthday│2016│

And back to present life!!!

(But before that...)


If you haven't already checked out my last few posts they were ALL about my recent month long trip to India for a family wedding, and then just some good old fashioned family time! ☺️

1. India Trip│The Wedding!
2. India Trip│Lead up to the Wedding!
3. India Trip│Everything after The Wedding!

At the time these posts were getting uploaded my blog was having some issues with displaying photographs, and making them all blurry and ugly in the process :(

But it's all fixed now! :D So have a scroll through those posts to see some very colourful photos to say the least :P


AND BACK TO 2016! :P
Ahhh, it feels nice to be back in the present day on my blog ☺️

I love a new year because I always have so many goals I set for myself.

Another thing I really love is that I'm a January baby, it's nice for me that me being another year older coincides with all this growth that I'm planning/hoping to achieve!

Last week it was my birthday and I was so not overly excited for it, hahaha.

Last year everyone made a really big deal about my birthday, so this year I didn't even realise it was my birthday till a friend mentioned it to me 2 weeks before.

 All I really wanted was a night at home in pyjamas, with my TV and some yummy takeaway food :P.

Yeahhh, that didn't really happen...but I had an even better time thanks to the best friends and family I could ever ask for!

I always love seeing how other people got spoilt on their birthdays, so I thought it would be fun to show you what I got.

And man,

I got spoilt BEYOND. I was totally not expecting it one bit!


I got two perfumes!

Opium - Yves Saint Laurent

A long time back Mum and I were shopping and smelt this, and adored it, but I never thought of getting it and didn't really think of it again. 
I AM SO GLAD mum remembered and got this for me.
I have never been that big of a perfume person,
but this is TOTALLY going to become my signature perfume,

I have worn it every day since my birthday and guys, go find this at the shops and smell it.
Then buy it.
And thank me later. :P


Daisy - Marc Jacobs

Some of my best friends got me this and although I'm yet to try it, I'm so excited to!!!
I've always heard such great things about this perfume! :)


I got some makeup bits and pieces!

Givenchy Palette Collection - Travel Exclusive
My dad picked this up for me during one of his travels and wow! Never tried Givenchy makeup before, so needless to say, I'm quite keen to give these a go! ☺️

My best friends picked me up:
Mecca Cosmetica Lip Protectant  - Smells sooo yummy and is super hydrating!
Estee Lauder Pure Colour High Gloss - So pretty and sheen-y, slight sparkle with staying power!
MAC Tinted Lip Balm - Haven't tried this yet! But excited to see how this colour works out!


In Jewellery, last year on my 18th birthday my neighbours got me a pandora bangle with an 18th charm on it. Since then, I have wanted to slowly but surely fill it up!
Definitely a whole lot closer to that now, with these GORGEOUS charms! ❤️

Pandora Charms
My family got me the two on the left, and one of my best friends got me the left one!
This photo does not do them justice, they are so, so beautiful.

Cartier Love Bracelet
 Guys, I'm not even going to pretend this is the real deal :P 
Hahaha, because for those of you who have seen this before, you would know they are insanely expensive...I'm talking like $6000+ crazy dollars! Insanity!

With that being said, who doesn't love a knock off!?! :P 
One of my besties just came from a Hong Kong trip and picked this up for me, hehe - I LOVE IT. 
Those who know me know I adore me some rose gold (more like, lots and lots of it!).
So, this is definitely getting added to my everyday jewellery! ☺️


A group of my closest and best friends made me the most adorable pamper basket filled with a candle, bath bombs, gels and a spa voucher.

I mean it when I say I was spoilt ROTTEN. I don't think I deserved nearly this much, but my friends and family were so, so very sweet to me.

They also got me...


A video posted by Raashi Agarwal (@raashiagarwal) on
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen what I consider to be 
The most exciting thing. EVER.

A GIANT TEDDY BEAR. 53 inches in all its glory.
(It's legit just a bit smaller than me :P)
A year ago I randomly mentioned how I LOVED them - but never, ever, ever was I expecting one! 
(As you can probably tell by my reaction :P) 


I am OBSESSED with him.
I have nothing more to say.

I need a name for him!!! 
But I'm gonna take my time with it because it needs to be absolutely PERFECT.
I can't wait to do a full on photo shoot with him, hehe.

Like I said, I was spoilt BEYOND and am so incredibly lucky and blessed to have some of the greatest friends and family, gifts aside.
Cheesy, I know. But it's so, so true. ❤️

P.S. Since coming back it's been so randomly hectic for me, because I'm still on university holidays there's always a million different things going on. But, I finally feel like I'm getting some routine back in terms of keeping up with blogs and my own, thank you guys for being so patient with me ☺️ 
Keen to be back and hopefully keeping very up to date with all your blogs!

New blog post will be up next Tuesday!!! 

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  1. Oh my god what amazing gifts! I've smelt the Yves Saint Laurent perfume and loved it! I just wish perfume wasn't so bloomin' expensive! Also can I just say - MAJOR Teddy Bear jealousy right here! Happy belated birthday! xx


    1. Thank you so much, Caroline! Opium is amazing - make sure to add it to your wishlist, it'll be so good when it's been out for a while and gets discounted *monkey covering eyes emoji* :P. Ahhh, thank you, hehe, loving my teddy for sure!

  2. Oh my gosh, I hope you had the BEST birthday Raashi! That teddy bear is seriously the cutest thing ever, you are so lucky!! I wish my friends would step up and get me one of those haha, I have no clue where I'd put him though! Lovely gifts, I hope you enjoy them :)
    xo Kiki

    1. Thank you so, so much, Kiki! I was definitely incredibly lucky with that teddy, never thought I would actually get one! At the moment he rotates between my bed and next to my ladder/dresser thing :)

  3. Ahh happy belated birthday, and it looks like you had tons of fun! When you're expecting a lowkey birthday and it turns out to be more a thing, it can be really nice too! I've been wanting that MJ Daisy perfume for a while - I love the bottle design!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Thanks so much, Angelina! Yeah you're so, so right - it was definitely unexpected but so lovely! Such a cute, fresh bottle, hey! :)

  4. your trip seems to have been amazing. and it sounds like you had a great birthday too, you got some really wonderful presents! happy belated birthday:-) xx

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! It was a lovely day, I was quite lucky :)

  5. Happy Birthday, lady! Looks like you got some really incredible gifts! Love that giant bear!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Thank you, Rae!!!! I was very spoilt, haha, he's the best! :)

  6. Happy birthday :D I'm a January baby too! Although I got seriously practical gifts this year, a brand new raincoat and a new phone haha! So happy (even though I do feel it signals the end of my youth!) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

    1. Awww yes! Another January baby!!! Aquarius or Capricorn? :) Oooh, those are always super good too, though! A new phone would be so great :) Thank you so much!
      Hope you had a lovely day a little while ago, Lucy!

  7. Happy birthday!! I have heard so many great things about that Opium perfume!

    1. Thank you Darcy, it is seriously amazing, it's converted me into a perfume person!

  8. Happy belated birthday ^^
    I saw the teddy on Instagram and have to say that I love it so much! All your gifts are amazing! :D I really like the Opium,it has one of the best scents ever! And Daisy is so light and fresh for daily use. And some Givenchy makeup and Pandora jewelry? Wow :D I hope you had a lovely day with your friends and family :)


    1. Thank you so much Rory, so sweet! Hehe, my teddy is pretty great! I've found that too - I've been using daisy pretty regularly, and opium for more special things! I was very spoilt, for sure. Thanks again, Rory :)

  9. Glad you had an awesome Birthday my friend!


  10. Happy belated birthday, darling! And oh my goodness, you got so many wonderful things! :) <3 I love Black Opium, it's such a gorgeous fragrance; and that Givenchy palette is to die for! I think the teddy bear is my favourite, though. <3 Thanks for sharing, hun! <3


    1. Thank you so much, Kay! Yes, I was quite spoilt *monkey covering eyes emoji*. Opium is amazing and I'm so excited to give the palette a go! Hehe, the teddy bear is pretty great. Thank you for reading! :)

  11. Happy birthday! Sometimes it's nice when they don't exactly go as planned. Lovely gifts, seems like you have some great people who love you!


    1. Thank you, Laura. Yes, you're so right, unexpected is lovely sometimes! My friends and family did spoil me, for sure :)

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Raashi, I loved reading this post and that perfume, my oh my it is such a gorgeous scent. And when I saw that amazing love bracelet, I went darn girl but hey, I love a knockoff too!


    1. Thank you so much, Trishna! Opium is sooo good, it's turned me into a perfume person! Hehehe, knockoffs are for sure the way to go when it's a $6000+ item :P

  13. Wow lucky girl!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! :)

    Girl About Town blog

  14. ARGGG HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Did I forget to tell you on the day? If so - I'm sorry! But I'm glad you had a fabulous day, I am still not over that bear! He's the kind of things dreams are made of! As for names...I'm going to go for Burt! Don't ask me why aha. Also, I got Daisy for Christmas and oh my god, it's gorgeous! SO fresh! Brilliant post as always Raashi!

    Musings & More

    1. Emily, you're SO sweet, thank you so much! Hahaha, I have to totally agree with you about my bear - he's just so great and comfy and cuddly! Oooh, that name is definitely going into the list! I've been loving Daisy too, it's such a nice everyday scent! Thank you for reading lovely! :)




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