Living by Mantras Challenge I Part 2 I

And here we are, back for Part 2!!! ☺️

If you guys didn't get a chance to read last week's post, I undertook what I like to call a Living by Mantras Challenge ☺️

Each day for seven days, one of my besties (thanks Ace! ❤️) sent me a motivational life mantra/life inspiration/quote photo - whatever you wanna call it - that I hadn't seen before.
Each day, I had to incorporate it into my life (to the best extent I could!), after figuring out what the mantra means to me.

If you read the first three days of the challenge, you would know that I ditched organising and tidying, didn't walk anywhere - just danced, and splurged on jewellery - interesting combo, hey? :P

Here’s how the next four days played out…


Legitimately, Ace sent me the above gif, it made me so happy haha.
This mantra was so exciting hehe, and probably one of the most fun - I was sooo going to take full advantage of this. I went to my friend's house that day and I decided pizza for lunch and ice-cream afterwards was definitely treating ourselves :P 

I had work that night, but there was no way that I was going to let "Treat. Yo. Self." day to just end like that. One of my best friends was keen to join, she picked me up after work and we went to a dessert place near us called San Churros, because I had been wanting to try this specific dessert for SO LONG and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity:

HOW AMAZING DOES THAT LOOK. Churro/Waffle/Pancake, just yes. 

BUT - 
They had run out :( :( :(
However, in true dedication to the mantra I was determined that that wasn't going deter me and  put an end to the treating - hence, the churros photo underneath the mantra ☺️

(But don't you worry - Funnel Cake, I'm coming for you...)

DAY 5:"You can't just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?"

HAHAHA YES ACE. Fun fact about me: I. LOVE. FRIENDS. I have watched every episode probably 2-3 times (or 5-6...), so if you can quote and reference anything and everything Friends in daily life (like so many of my friends and I always do) - you are epic.

 This mantra was very fitting considering my plans for the day - study, study, and more study. Wooo.
I went to my Uni Library and stayed there all day working on my assignments. I came home, and worked on my assignments some more.

There were so many points in that day where I was incredibly tempted to give into some distractions and just give up working on assignments for the day.
But did I give up? Not a chance. Because a dinosaur wouldn't do that ;)
Oh, the wise, wise words of Joey Tribbiani.

When my friends were linking videos to watch in our group chat, I just replied with this:

Hahahaha, I love that my friend didn't even question it,
she was just like "Yep. Whatever you say, Raashi".

DAY 6: "Never get so busy making a living, that you forgot to make a life."

Sooo...I was working a 9-5 day that day. On a Saturday to make things even more exciting, haha.

Hmmm, so basically this is about making sure that work isn't the only thing you're focusing on, making sure to enjoy life in whatever ways possible.

My boss wasn't in the best mind-space that day and I knew I would be super busy, so I was trying to figure out a way to make this happen!

I didn't even get my full break that day BUT, instead of sitting in the back room scoffing down some food, I decided to venture out into the sunshine and enjoy the outdoors ☺️

DAY 7: "There are dreamers, and there are realists in the world"

Read the photo above for the full mantra ^

I had made it to my final day! And this final one was beautiful and so true, but also hard for me to figure out how to tackle for the day!

The main thing to take out of this one was that both components are important - other people balance us out and we balance others out, yin and yang, opposites attract, whatever you want to call it, balance in a form like this is beautiful - it brings out the best and full potential in people.

 I definitely believe that all of us have a bit of a dreamer and a bit of a realist within us, to varying extents - and we need to let each of them be, exactly what they need to be, when they need to be.

 One of my friends was discussing how she had applied for something new and was a little worried about it, to which I replied with all the gifs above :P
She definitely needed a dreamer to support her and give her confidence with it all, and I was meant to be it ☺️


I guess the dreamer role comes to me very naturally? :P

But, at the same time, I can very much be a realist. And I decided to embrace my inner realist when it hit 11.30pm and my dreams of completely finishing off my assignment that night were looking bleak :P

The realist in me made myself go to bed by 1am and get a solid amount of sleep, to stop me from crashing the next morning.

The dreamer in me had ensured that I had started and got so much of my assignment done that day - I only had an hour of work left to go the next day! :)

Which brings me to the...


Most of the mantras I experienced really taught me to focus on myself, my life and what I want - and it is SO LIBERATING. Liberating and quite motivating to do what you want, take care of yourself, have fun, treat yourself AND also recognise when you need to push yourself.

I can't help but be curious how much this challenge would change if I was doing it during a normal week at uni when I would constantly be surrounded by people (Day 2's "Why walk when you can dance?" jumps to mind, for sure :P). 

If you guys enjoyed seeing this challenge, let me know! 
Maybe I can do another round later :) 

Anyways! Thank you so much for following my adventures, I quite liked doing a challenge so maybe there are more to come... :)

New blog post will be up next Tuesday!!! 

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Have a great rest of the week!



  1. Treat yo self is my favorite mantra of life. I don't understand how you can keep your sanity if you don't take time for yourself. I impulse bought a massage off of groupon this weekend for this exact reason...treat.yo.self.

    P.s. that churro/waffle cake should be illegal it looks so good!


    1. It is SO GOOD - haha yes! So proud of you! We don't do things like that often enough.

      Oh my god, right!?! I can't wait to actually get to try it :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Nicole!!! Really enjoyed doing it :)

  3. All such great mantras!! I adore Friends too!! xxx

    1. Thank you Miranda, my friend chose some great ones! Yay a fellow Friends lover, honestly one of the best TV shows ever!!!

  4. The churros looks delicious!

    1. They were so good! Haha I was happy when I found a good churros place :)

  5. That churro looks so good! Can you believe I've never tried it? x) But I really really want to haha :D
    I will definitely listen to a dinosaur next time things get hard haha :D

    1. Oh my gosh no, Roberta you just have to try them!!! They are delicious haha, when you do let me know what you think! :) Haha how good was the dinosaur one - it actually did help though! :P

  6. You know this is such a fabulous idea, if only we all had such positive people in our lives
    The quote about forgetting to make a life really struck a chord, thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Raj! I so loved doing this challenge and was so glad it turned out to be such a positive experience, I'm all about good vibes and positive energy :) Right? I think we tend to overlook that one so easily in our day-to-day lives!

  7. I loved this soo much!! I love the positivity this post brought <3
    Ramsha | Rose

    1. Thank you Ramsha, that means so much to me! :)

  8. Amazing post dear! Have a nice day:)

  9. Sounds like you are having a great time with this challenge! I'm not as good as you are at avoiding procrastination haha. Great post!
    xo Kiki

    1. Thank you so much Kiki! Haha not gonna lie, I'm pretty terrible with procrastinating - I definitely had some extra motivation that "dinosaur" day though haha. :P

  10. Omg, this challenge is superb?! I think it's wonderful that you and your friends are helping each other in life, and ahhh, mantras and gifs to support, too? YAS. Omg, Friends reference forever!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. May - you just get me. Hahaha, yes to mantras, and just yes to gifs AND friends references always! Thank you so much - glad you enjoyed it! :)

  11. I enjoyed your adventure very much!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Made in Mauve

  12. Replies
    1. Always fifi, always *insert smirk emoji*.

  13. This is such a cool post! Thanks for sharing! :)

  14. I'm still completely in love with this challenge! I'm all about the treat yo self mantra, I'm practically drooling over those churros. I love them warm with melted hot chocolate mmmm. And I'm a huge friends fan too! I really need to commit and buy the boxset so I am never without it! Phoebe has some cracking quotes - and I think Ace picked a great one for you! RAAAAAWR! (is a dinosaur!)

    Musings & More

    1. Aww thank you Emily!!! Churros are just so great! Haha. Oh my gosh - do it! I have never regretted buying the boxset (how could you? It's friends after all!) - I always find it's the best pick me up after a long day :). Haha, she really did, joey is such a great one haha.

  15. very nice post.

    mind checking out my blog? :)

    1. Thank you!!! Heading over there now! :)

    2. Thank you!!! Heading over there now! :)

  16. This is so cool!
    Charlotte //

  17. I really enjoy your posts about this challenge. :) I love reading positives.

    xoxoBella |

  18. I've never tried churros, I need too it looks so good and I'm with you on the friends thing, I've watched friends like a million times!! - Becky

    1. Oh my goodness, try them! SO GOOD! Haha yesss! So glad there's another crazy friends fanatic! :)

  19. Replies
    1. They really were! Haha, definitely a good treat! :)

  20. Love the "treat yoself" mantra! Although I definitely should stop online shopping!

    1. The most fun mantra for sure! Haha, is it bad that I was totally going to discourage you from stopping? :P I want to start doing more online shopping! :P

  21. Oh, this looks amazing!!! I need to try this one ... btw great idea for the challenge!


    Get promotion

    1. Thank you, it was definitely fun to do! :)

  22. Great post!!!! I love your blog!!!!

    First I have to tell you the long "realists find the dreamers" quote is from my absolute favorite show that you definetly should watch because it's the best thing ever! "Modern Family"
    That churro dessert looks soooo good! I love churros, too bad they ran out when you went :(
    I loved reading about the Mantra Challenge and how great it went for you!
    Plus I love all the GIFs from all those amazing shows lol

  24. Rose!!! I had missed you! Hope everything is going well - moving and all! Can't wait to read your new post after I finish work tonight :D I know!!! Modern family is THE BEST - I just loved the episode that quote came from, and it's such a beautiful quote!

    I know :( I'm definitely going to make sure I get that funnel cake soon though! Thank you so much Rose! It was definitely a fun thing to do :)

  25. This is such a fun challenge! I might have to do this with my friends too!

    1. I would so recommend it Sara, really does make life more interesting and fun for a week, it would be so awesome for a group of friends to do it together! :D

  26. Now I've just seen your most recent blog post I've seen that you also nominated me - great minds think alike. However I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award for such a great blog, to check out more see my blog post here: - thank you so much for the nomination Raashi! :)

    1. Aww thank you Megan, I will most definitely do a Part 2 Liebster Post later on this year and will do your questions then! :)




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