If Your Loved Ones Became Homeless

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So, this is going to be another one of my random social issues kind of post - I hope you actually like it, because this one was so eye-opening for me. 

When I imagined myself being in the same situation, 
it was a little overwhelming and uncomfortable, to be honest - which can be good sometimes, it makes things more real.

I found this video because my Organisational Behaviour Business course played it to us in a lecture, to show us how we have selective perception - 
how we organise, interpret and pay attention to certain things that we see around us, on the basis of our interests, background, experience and attitudes.

I really don't have much to say about the video; just that you guys should at least press play and just see what you think, keep watching if you think it could be interesting, it's only about 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

In terms of perception, the video shows us that our behaviour is based on our perception of what reality is (homeless strangers), not reality itself (ourloved ones).

For me, this video isn't so much about people not recognising their loved ones disguised as homeless people on the street - I know it's not normal for people to really be making lots of eye contact with homeless people or expecting to see their loved ones on the street...but that's exactly it. 

Any homeless person we are to encounter in our lives, they are someone's wife, husband, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin. 

We should think about how we would want other people to treat our loved ones if they were to unfortunately be in similar situations.

To me, the video is about human value and humanity as a whole. 
The video just frames the "social experiment" in a certain way that it gives us a different perspective.

I would love to hear your thoughts on it! 
I know for me, the participant's reactions hit me hard.

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  1. interesting video. I am sometimes feeling like if I was less scared of homeless people, I would be in a better place to help. I don't know why I am scared, though, maybe uncomfortable is a better word.

    1. Oh I can completely understand that Bella, sometimes situations like they can be intimidating or uncomfortable - I feel like most of the time that's literally because of our preconceived notions about them and their behaviours.

  2. Oh gosh, this made me cry.
    I do feel like people just walk by the homeless people and avoid them generally, because most people have the mindset of "They must have done something to land themselves in that position" and don't show empathy at all.
    "Humans of New York" shared a story of a homeless man yesterday that absolutetly shattered my heart.
    I've ven heard from people "Don't give them anything they are richer than us, they spend all day begging and then go home to drive a BMW" And I was shocked to hear somebody think like that.
    Whenever I encounter a homeless person I make sure to give them a euro (It's not much but when one person stops to do it most of the time others who witness it feel obliged to do the same) and tell them to have a nice day, because I know they don't hear enough kind words.

    1. Rose, that is SUCH a beautiful thing you do, not only helping them out, but I just love that you give them a kind word - so, so lovely. The video was quite emotional, wasn't it? It really hit the participants hard to see that they just walked by without a second thought.

      P.S. I also love humans of New York for its ability to just share stories in their simplest, yet truest form.

  3. Oh Raashi, your posts always give me something to think about and I LOVE that. The homeless people definitely have a bad name where I am from and it breaks my heart. We need to start thinking of them as human beings with real feelings rather than an inconvenience.

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    1. Thank you SO much Emily, that means more than you know - I love that I can post about more serious, social issues, as well as lighthearted fun things, and we can all discuss them together ☺️ Blogging is such a great meeting place in that way!

      I had never thought of the word inconvenience in relation to them before, but you're so correct! Society tends to see them sitting on the side of the road and not really give them a second thought, just immediately thinking 'homeless' and that they're blocking their way and walk past them quickly.

  4. The video is an eye-opener, indeed our thinking has to change to be able to care for homeless people. We have to treat them as human beings too.

    Chaicy recently posted.. Denim Love

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it's quite a touching video! Loving your blog, excited to keep updated with you! ☺️




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