A Mini Resort Getaway!

Oh, I'm failing so hard at blogging right now.

And I'm pretty sure you guys will understand this: You know when you're completely lagging behind on something, it feels so far gone, and you almost don't want to do it? 
It feels overwhelming to even start.
This is me right now, haha.
I am so sorry I have been horrible at reading, commenting, replying back. 
I don't think I have ever been as busy as I am right now.
Recently a friend sent me a Buzzfeed article saying read 2 and 10.

Yeahhh, sounds about right. And unfortunately, as you can tell, blogging has slipped to the bottom of urgency :/
Anyways, enough excuses, I'm hoping once these next two weeks pass things will ease up ever so slightly for me.

I started working on July's Good News (cause we really need it given some of the events of the past month) and remembered that I really do love blogging!

So until life settles down a bit, I still want to be posting content and will be trying to get around to catching up on blogs soon!


Before everything got extra crazy, I managed to squeeze in a little weekend getaway with my mum for her birthday and it was so lovely! 

A photo posted by Raashi Agarwal (@raashiagarwal) on

During the weekend we were talking and we realised it's been forever since we have gone on an actual rest and relax sort of holiday, so we definitely made full use of it! I had organised spa treatments for us, we ate some good food, we went on a rainforest walk, went to a gorgeous viewing point overlooking a lake, lounged by the poolside, went to the beach for sunset (and sunrise! Ohhh, that wakeup... :P), did yoga outdoors and finished off the weekend the way I wish everyday could be started - a good ol' breakfast buffet :P

When was the last time you guys had a proper relax?
See you Wednesday with some Good News!

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  1. Firstly, I completely feel you!
    I've been completely neglecting blogging for a while too so I totally can relate! Sometimes life and other priorities take precedence but this weekend I was struck with inspiration and just *needed* to write it down. That's when I had a sudden reminder: this is why blogging and sharing my writing lights me up - to be able to share an idea or a feeling can be so important and so powerful!

    Such a sweet surprise you gave to your mum!! So glad you got to have some proper relaxation time - you completely deserved it. Hope work and life isn't too hectic for much longer but even if it is, take time to enjoy the craziness that this season is bringing you! Much love! Ana xxx


    1. I have been SO bad with blogging but like you said, life is all about prioritising. But, every now and then it's so lovely to come back to blogging...regardless of how regular I get to be with it *monkey covering eyes emoji*.

      Awww, I love that, 'take the time to enjoy the craziness that this season is bringing you'! Hope you've been well, Ana! <3




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