Six months in.

Lovely Ana, from over at Namaste From Ananya, posted this on Instagram the other day.
As I was scrolling through my feed, I came across this, read the caption,
and stopped.

We are 6 months in, with 6 left to go.

As I was writing this post, I read Ana's and she had said two very important things.

Being 6 months in,

 "It’s an opportunity:
 -to see how far you’ve come
-how far you’ve set yourself up for the year ahead"

"It’s also an opportunity:
for panic to set in as we realise those goals that we set for the New Year
have gathered some or a lot of dust."

I came into this year incredibly sure of what I wanted of myself, and very motivated - ready to push myself to do what I needed to do, for what I wanted.

I am proud to say, so far, I've done relatively well and am semi- on track!
I am also happy to say I have a relatively good idea of what I need to do in the coming 6 months.

BUT, I can 100% say there are things I was supposed to have done by now that I haven't. 
Maybe it's just the eternal optimist in me - but, I don't want to focus on this negative.

I want to use the positive things I've managed to achieve as a proof of my ability,
something which I can use to fuel me in reaching my next goals.

I have been a little out of the blogging world lately, and I can thank some of my other goals for that. 
I have been working hard on other things, but slowly and surely I'm starting to catch up with some of you all.

I am now heading into exams (and one final 50% assignment! Pretending like that isn't worrying :P).
I am so ready for holidays, I am ready to have finished one semester - and to reflect.
I am ready for time to sit down and set up for the remainder of this year.
I am ready to focus on some different projects this holidays.
I am ready to get to invest some more time into blogging.
I am ready to give some more time to myself.
I am ready to refocus.
I am ready.

(I'm a total Type A person, so I'm not even going to pretend that I wasn't thoroughly excited about the fact that those sentences above - they turned into the perfect inverted pyramid :P
Yes, I'm a total geek. Ok. Back to being serious.)

I am ready.

And, as Ana put it, 
"There's a level of excitement coupled with enthusiasm and focus."

What are you ready for as we are now 6 months in, and 6 months out from the end of this year?
And, how were your first 6 months in! ☺️

New post will be up next Wednesday!

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  1. Ahh good luck with exams, I know you'll kill 'em! I just finished with school for the summer, and it's been great for getting on things I've wanted to do since January. Crazy how fast time flies!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Thank you, Angelina!! I had noticed your blog not popping up as much, glad I get more of your posts now! This year is just speeding by!

  2. I loved reading this post and I have to say, I got really excited about the inverted pyramid too haha. It is definitely okay to take a break from blogging, I'm travelling right now and I find it hard to upload regularly (although I think I'm doing okay). And I think it's only normal that we haven't reached all of our goals yet and we can also think of that as an opportunity to better ourselves. I love your positive attitude and I think we should all be a bit more like you in that way. ;) My first half of the year has been really good, I finally got into an exercise routine and I improved my French skills which I'm really happy about. xx

    1. Hahaha, I love that you liked the inverted pyramid too :P You always do such a great job of posting, Mira - you don't give yourself enough credit! That is so, so kind of you to say ♥ Oooh, haha both of those things are what I need to improve on in this next bit of the year!

  3. i just can't believe we're half-way through the year, i feel like i've not got anything done yet! so for me this is definitely a time to start setting and getting to some goals. though, at the same time, there's still a lot of time to accomplish things, especially with me going back to uni, moving and all that:-) and good luck with your exams! xx

    1. You have so much coming your way, Laura! It's gonna be such an exciting second half of the year for you - plenty of time to do things and plenty of things to fill the time with! :)

  4. Such inspiring words <3 Love the post.


  5. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe that we're already 6 months into the year! That's crazy. Also, I got really excited at the inverted text pyramid also, how cool is that. :D I don't have many personal goals for the rest of the year, honestly it hasn't been the best year for me so far. x x Good luck in your exams, dear! x


    1. Time has flown by, right?! Haha, I love that other people understand my excitement about that :P Aww, sorry to hear that, Kay :/ Hopefully you're doing ok and things pick up soon! ♥

  6. Oh gosh! I hadn't even thought about the fact we are six months into the year! How crazy is that? You are right though, there is no point dwelling over what we haven't done but focusing on what we have done! I'm going to take the next six months, one step at a time and for now, look forward to summer and lots of travelling!

    Also, I agree, I LOVE the inverted pyramid too! :P

    Musings & More

    1. This year, like every year, just goes so quickly! Oooh, so keen to see and read about your summer adventures! Hehe, thank you Emily ♥

  7. Hi dear, thanks for sharing such a sweet reflexion. In June I always put in persepective what I have or have not achieve so far. Maybe part of the reason is because my birthday is on the 23rd and it's inevitable to think about these things on your bday, but still, with June marking the end of the first half of the year I find it the perfect moment to 'reactivate' some goals and, why not, setting new ones. :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Deb! Haha that's so cool, I'm a January baby so I always end up thinking about what I want to accomplish in the year. I love the word reactivate, so true! And yes - why not some new goals as well! :)




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