Are you willing to do that which you've never done?

Hi guys!

Can we just talk about HOW INSANE it is that we're already well into April!?!
This year is just flying by!

Amongst the business that has been this past week/weekend for me,
all I really wanted to was feature ONE quote today on my blog.

I love quotes. I have a document full of them, so many of them stuck above my desk, and send my mum little "Positive Vibes of the Day" texts every morning.

This year I'm thankful for a lot of different things,
but one thing I'm really grateful for is my mindset this year.

I am so, so sure of the things I want to achieve, sure of the fact that I really want to put myself out there in terms of challenging myself and sure of who I'm aiming to be.

One quote that is just consistently driving me this year is this one:

Thomas Jefferson Quote: “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”
There are so many things I am wanting, and I think most of us can relate to having very little time to do all of them. Which is where priorities come in hey? :P

Keeping up with the blogging world has definitely taken a slight backseat,
but I am excited to be slowly catching up on blogposts/comments from everyone and everywhere during little study breaks this week ☺️ 
(I know, I know, try not to be too jealous of my exciting life *coughuniiskillingmyvibecough*)

Anyways, hope this quote brings some motivation into your day and week to come! 

What do you guys think of Thomas Jefferson's words? Is there something you're challenging yourself to do at the moment? ๐Ÿ‘Š

New blog post will be up next Tuesday!!!
(And it's going to be one of those fun little tag posts thanks to Trishna @ Tips Capsule - stay tuned!)

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  1. I love that your mum sends you along quotes for motivation! I really need these when I feel like my life is just that little bit flat or overly stressed! I think for me the challenging thing is finding a job at the moment along with juggling blogging and university coughwhyisunisostressfulcough ! Have a wonderful week and hope it brings many positive things xx

    1. Thank you for SUCH a lovely comment, Caroline! Oh my goodness, I am sending you lots of positive, calming and good luck vibes - life has just become so busy all. the. time., am I right! I have no doubt though that soon you'll be looking back on this period with a job you are super satisfied with and done with your uni semester (how good does that sound! Hahaha.) :)

  2. What a wonderful and relatable post! Love that quote, it's so true in many ways!

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

    1. Thanks for reading, Nicole! It's so true, hey? I love how sometimes quotes manage to find you at the perfect times! :)

  3. Tell me about it girl, its already April, where has the time gone!! I'm a major quote person myself, if I find the right one, they can do wonders to my mind haha. The only thing challenging right now is the amount of uni work I have to complete, I mean why is there soo much!! Hopefully it'll all be done soon, and I can't wait to read next weeks post eeepp ♥

    1. The year is just flying by Trishnaaa!!! It's insane! Oh my gosh me too, I have a whole document filled with quotes :P Uni has been quite intense for me this year, I've survived two busy weeks but just trying to get ahead of the next busy period already :P Thank you for the tag again <3

  4. i do love a good quote and that jefferson one is great:-) and how cute of you to send texts like that to your mum! also, good luck with uni things! xx

    1. As soon as I saw the Jefferson one it just clicked with and motivated me! Haha, thank you, I love doing little things like that. Thank you SO much, that's so sweet!

  5. Love this Raashi! Firstly because the 'Positive Vibes of the day' - is something I used to do with my Mum too :) <3
    So lovely to see someone else doing it also and it's inspired me to get back into it, so thank you :)

    I think the Thomas Jefferson quote you've mentioned in this post is so important; all throughout life, we become focused on new goals, new aspirations and dreams. It's SO important not get discouraged by the nay-sayers or even friends and family that just don't quite *see* your vision as you do. It's scary to put in that extra effort or do that one thing that is just *slightly* different from everyone else - but it can be the one important change needed to get there! Good luck with all the university work & exams! It's a tough one; I'm feeling the pressure too in my PhD work life also, so i can totally relate to feeling overwhelmed yet determined not let it act as barrier! Lots of love, light & LUCK, Ana xxx

    1. Did you actually!?!? That's amazing, awww I love that, we have so many similarities! :)

      Ana, this comment was exactly what I needed today, so thank you for that. Sometimes it's hard to start re-prioritising and refocusing your time onto other things, sometimes I feel like I'm neglecting talking to my friends as often as I used to because I'm studying more, but focusing on uni is something I really want this time and I need to keep reminding myself that. Thank you so much for the constant support, light and love - and being so relatable and like-minded <3




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