India Trip│The Wedding!

If you haven't already checked out my post from last week, it was all about the lead up to the wedding - and now for the most important part of the week-long festivities! :P

Bucket load of photos coming your way!

So, we arrived in the town where the wedding was happening, after a 12 hour bus trip (tired is a good word to insert here :P), and we were greeted by my cousin's extended family from her mum's side.

And met with some good old indian comfort food ;)

To me, one of the best parts of indian weddings is the food clothes music I repeat food fact that the bride to be's whole extended family (from her mum and dad's side) end up staying in the same hotel or house for at least 3 days. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between - spent together! You see the same people event after event, everyone piles into one person's hotel room and the teasing, joking and laughing that fills the whole wedding house, ahhh, it's just the best. ❤️

The next morning we got straight into the festivities, beginning with what we call the 'Haldi Ceremony'. Haldi, known as turmeric powder, paste is applied to the bride for essentially beautification purposes. Indian culture is FILLED with the best natural remedies and recipes, turmeric masks really cleans up the skin and makes for a glowing bride! :) 

It's a really fun, lighthearted event with music and rituals. 
After that about 15 of us were in a hotel room and looking at how our Mehendi turned out after over 24 hours of getting darker and darker.

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That night we had the 'Sagai', which is basically like an engagement ceremony. 

A photo posted by Raashi Agarwal (@raashiagarwal) on

And as usual, it wasn't long before the dancing started :P 
But, the photographer got this really cool shot of my lehenga skirt.

And THIS is why I looove indian outfits ☺️

But now - onto the ACTUAL WEDDING CEREMONY! :P

That morning everyone ate breakfast in their pyjamas, because we all had a late night before - and then I opened up my nail salon :P

And when it hit nighttime - everything got started! This is the outdoor part of the venue after the workers had set it up!

All of those ^ are food stalls. Indian weddings obviously have indian food, but they also have italian and chinese food stalls, pastries and desserts, as well as indian sweets. JUST. SO. MUCH. FOOD.

Anddd some more food stalls.

The indoor part of the venue! 
Typically, the couple sits on a stage for the first part of the wedding ceremony.

The bride all ready! :D
And when everyone else was ready, the photoshoots began :P

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With my mumma.

All of the aunties of the wedding just happened to be in an orange-pink colour scheme :P 

Some of the cousins!

And, then it was time for the ceremony to begin!

The bride's entrance is always ushered in by her brothers and brother cousins.

And the sister and sister cousins are usually next to bride helping her walk, haha, no joke, those wedding outfits - although gorgeous - can range from an extra 8-10kg you're carrying, easily!

The groom comes to the bride and they make their way to the stage. 

A photo posted by Raashi Agarwal (@raashiagarwal) on

And, then she literally popped up behind us and asked for a selfie! :P

My gorgeous mumma ❤️

The first part of the wedding is a couple of rituals, loooots of photo-taking, the couple takes photos with everyone, lots of moving inside and out, grabbing food, socialising. And then - the above photo is everyone getting settled for proper dinner, around 12 am :P

More sweets.

And more food.

At the end of dinner they set up the area for the rest of the wedding. In traditional english weddings, the actual marriage happens after the vows and exchanging of the rings. In Indian weddings...

The marriage happens after the couple does a series of prayers together, and then they walk around the sacred fire together. 

They do 7 rounds of the fire together ('the pheras'), and each round essentially symbolises a different vow.


After the wedding, by the time we all got back to our rooms it was almost 6am! #typicalindianwedding

Haha, like I said - it's an experience for sure!
Indian weddings are one thing.
India in general, is a whole other beast - stay tuned for that next week! :P


I'd like to take a quick second to say that I'm STILL trying to get back into the routine of everything and thank everyone for being so patient with me! 

My blog's images have been coming up blurry and although I tried to work on it last night, it's just not cooperating with me - soon hopefully though!

AND - I still haven't put technology back into my routine fully! Although, I have to admit it's been liberating to take a break from my computer, I will be back and commenting on and reading blogs ASAP now!


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  1. OMG Raashi, I loved this post beyond words! And of course I loved the previous post too haha, I can relate to each and every picture. Indian weddings are hectic events but boy they are so much fun!! Don't get me started on wedding food, aah its amazing!! And getting dressed up is the best part, putting all the makeup on, wearing the traditional outfit and the henna night before the actual wedding, its just an amazing time ♥

    1. I love that you know exactly what I'm talking about, Trishna! Hectic is honestly the PERFECT word. Hahaha. Ahhhh, you're so right! It's just like one massive party week filled with the best food, clothes, jewellery :D

  2. You are an Indian princess Raashi. �� You are so gorgeous, I love the thing about the 7 pheras. ����

    1. Fiona, you are the best! Love you lots and lots!

      I love that too, love the symbolism behind it all :D

  3. These photos are so colorful! This seriously looks like such a blast, I'm happy you had a good time. I feel like I've said it a million times already, but I LOVE your henna. I've fallen a bit behind on your blog, so I have so catching up to do!


    1. Thank you, Laura! Definitely one of my brighter blogposts... :P It definitely was a good time and thank you - I was obsessed with my henna too :P As you can see by how much I got put on, haha. Haha awww, I'm glad I'm back! :)

  4. Oh gosh Indian weddings always look INCREDIBLE! While I'm not envious of the long bus journey, that wedding looks beautiful - the colours, the clothing, the ceremony, THE FOOD - oh my, I would seriously have loved to have been there with you. So glad you had an amazing time and danced your feet off until 5am!

    Musings & More

    1. They are truly such an experience, Emily. Haha, I love that you could feel my pain :P Awww, I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing bits and pieces, it's all definitely SO much fun - even at 5am in the morning... :P

  5. I loved seeing all these photos! What a huge event! I love all the colour at the wedding. It looks like you had a blast and a terribly long night!

    1. Thank you, Bella! Hahaha, that's the perfect description to be honest! :)

  6. Oh my god, all the fooood!! I've been to Italian weddings before and they have a LOT of food but nowhere near as much as this! Drool. You looked absolutely stunning! So prettyy xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy

    1. Lucy! I am convinced that you NEED to attend an Indian wedding! I feel like you'll make good use of it ;)

      Awww, thank you so much! :)

  7. These photos are just absolutely beautiful! I would love to take part in an Indian wedding one day as they just look so colorful and fun! Not to mention that all of the food looks fantastic as well! I also love the idea that everyone gets to spend so many days with each other just eating and having a good time and enjoying everyone's company!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Thank you so much, Rae! I so, so hope you get to! Indian weddings are definitely an incredible experience - the food, the fashion, the family and friends! The fact that they go for more than just one day is the best part, for sure! :)

  8. What can I say? I'm speechless! In Greece weddings are a big deal, but in India they seem to be even greater! I loved it! What wonderful clothing and delicious foods! The meaning if the 7 pheras is so amazing, as well <3

    1. Awww I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, Aeriko! Haha, 100% a very big deal in India! Greek weddings look like so much fun from what I've seen though! Lots of food and family time seem to be common in both! :D

      I love the 7 pheras, such a different way of conceptualising vows! :)

  9. Raashi!! I love how BEAUTIFUL these pictures are. I know Indian weddings are similar to Pakistani weddings (regarding the colour and food etc.) but it's really nice to know the different traditions and rituals in Indian weddings. Everyone in the pictures look very gorgeous and the bride & groom make an ADORABLE couple.
    Ramsha | Rose

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Ramsha! Yes! From what I've seen and heard they are quite similar, but like you said, I also know they are so different as well! I'm glad you enjoyed getting to see some of the Indian rituals. So, so sweet of you to say! Thank you :)

  10. I absolutely adore looking through these photos. Indian weddings are so colourful! You looked amazing, the bride looked amazing - everyone did.

  11. just came across your blog good to see these pictures..hope you had a wonderful vacation.. :)
    love, from India
    xx, jes @

    1. Thanks so much, Jes! It was a very fun holiday filled with lots of family and food! :P Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)




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